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Stress Less. Live More.

Our lives are fast-paced, and many find it difficult to relieve stress and live in a state of mindfulness. Tranquil Hearts Yoga provides relaxing content and guidance towards relaxation because I believe that happiness is something that everybody can achieve alongside blooming minds.

Does this sound like you?

Difficulty Sleeping?

When you rest in bed at night, it can be challenging to release the tensions of your day.

Noisy Mind?

Meditation usually has the same response when first starting: "I'd like to meditate more, but my mind is too noisy."
This isn't a problem, but rather the purpose of meditation.

Stuck in your Head?

When "what are you thinking about" is an impossible question to answer, turn to yoga.

Irritable and Stressed?

The demands of everyday life can make each moment feel overwhelming. A practice of self-care and rest is easy to neglect.

Yoga & Meditation Services

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In-Person Practice

Looking for a gentle yoga practice or a sound bath?
I offer classes and private sessions in the Greater Philadelphia region. 

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Online Courses

Ever wanted yoga training without the pressure of becoming a teacher?
My online course library is meant for people like you who want to develop a relationship with mindfulness for their lives, not the life of a yoga teacher.
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Meditation Library

Sound healing and guided meditation for new and experienced meditators looking to maintain a regular practice.
Available in individual exercises or long-term programs.
Adrian - Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Adrian.

My name is Adrian Amegashie, and yoga is my passion. When I was young, I held onto this idea in my head that happiness was something that everybody could achieve, no matter what their circumstances. I came of age reading eastern philosophy, healing with music, and discovering myself.

Through this time, I realized passion existed in my own life, and it was a driving force to my personal growth and connecting with others. I was able to use the lessons from my practice to come to terms with the depression and addiction that was a part of me for so long.

My mission is to bring everyone into their pursuit of happiness. I intend to guide students into their own practice and share with them our experiences of being human. Yoga is meant to unite us with ourselves and with others. Let’s share our hearts and find tranquility on this journey together through life.

Just see what others have to say...

Don't put your best self on hold

The right meditation and yoga practice can help you build your purpose, learn more about yourself, and improve your productivity.

Each minute spent meditating and releasing existing stress and anxiety helps to create a space for presence. Presence adds value to time in any activity in both work and leisure. Self-care practices bring the mind to rest and leave stress behind. Take a deep breath and let the light of mindfulness shine on your life.

Meditation is directly linked to lower stress levels which can improve sleep, lower heart rate and blood pressure, aid in digestion, and many other positive physical manifestations.

After releasing negative habits and empowering yourself with your independence, there is a lot of energy available. This energy can be put to regulating your emotions and sustaining positive habits. The value of regulating your own emotions is unmeasurable. A feeling of independence and a sustainably tranquil mood can improve the quality of all of our thoughts, words, and actions.

A routine of meditation doesn’t confine a life with a list of rules or practices. It meets your life exactly where you are. Tranquil Hearts Yoga will help you come face to face with your reality in a place beyond fear: mindfulness.

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